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Artist’s Statement

I strive to create art which resonates as well as appeals, which adds color, beauty and joy to life, and perhaps brings a smile to someone’s day or helps them question their assumptions. I hope my art makes you think, smile, laugh, or cry, that it touches you viscerally, reaching your mind, body, and spirit. With so much turmoil in our world and uncertainty in our lives, my art is intended to remind us of the beauty and goodness in the world, but also to challenge us. My art questions our ideas and beliefs and encourages the artist and the viewer to see the world in new ways. Through my choice of unexpected subject or execution, I attempt to shatter our ingrained expectations, the scripts we live. Only when we gain a new perspective are we able to change. I remind myself of this with computer shorthand, WYGIWYSNISM (what you get is what you see, need I say more), which also describes my art.

In many ways I have directed my approach to and practice of art. As is often my habit, I start out doing something and then, after I’ve been at it a while, I study to find out how others do it and think it should be done. These studies have been with Paul Bridenbaugh, Eileen David, Noah Buchanan, and Julie A. Andrews. This study helped clarify some of the choices I had already made, improved my technical skills and encouraged me to grow.

I strive to produce the best of which I am capable. However, like life, I believe our best work cannot be sterile, crisp, clean, devoid of vitality, but necessarily will be difficult, uncomfortable at times, and viewed most honestly warts and all.


10th Contest https://www.artavita.com/contests/10
May.June 2014

Artistic License Art Guild of Pacifica
May.June 2014

Like a Tom Waits Song (juried) Arc Gallery
San Francisco, CA ~ May/June 2014

Read All Over ~ Type in Art (juried) Oceana Art Gallery
Pacifica, CA ~ November 2013

International Juried Competition: SUMMER ~ Winner
July 2013

International Juried Competition : Self Discovery
Awards of Special Recognition ~ ArtQuenchGallery.com
June 2013

Buddy Show Art Guild of Pacifica
June 2012

Secret Garden (juried) Pacific Art League of Palo Alto
April 6 – 26,2012

Painting Only (juried) Pacific Art League of Palo Alto  
March 2 – 29, 2012

Joy to the World, 3rd Place artscenetoday.com
January, 2012

Something Edgy Art Guild of Pacifica
January/February, 2012

Members Only Pacific Art League of Palo Alto
January 7 – 27, 2012

Portraits/Self Portraits (juried) Studio One Art Center
Oakland CA ~ December 2011/January 2012

Scapes (juried) Pacific Art League of Palo Alto
November, 2011

53rd Annual Members Exhibit:Art Guild of Pacifica
October/November 2011

Urban Forest (juried) Pacific Art League of Palo Alto
October, 2011

Evolution of Revolution (juried) artscenetoday.com
finalist ~ September, 2011

Multiples (juried) Pacific Art League of Palo Alto
September, 2011

Figures & Faces (juried) Pacific Art League of Palo Alto
August, 2011

All-Media 2011 (juried) Chico Art Center
Chico, CA ~ May/June 2011

Arts on Fire XV (juried) Art Guild of Pacifica
April/May 2011

Brent Harris
Pacifica, CA


Graphic Arts Professional

BA: Film, SFSU, California, 1990 ~ Magna Cum Laude

Juror: San Francisco International Film Festival, 1991 – 2004

Juror: United Nations Association Film Festival, Stanford University, 2000 – 2006

Brent Harris

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